Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm Trying to Be a Fashion Blogger;)

Jeans: Maurcies about $12, Blouse: JC Penney $2 after $10 off coupon, Belt: F21 $2.50, Bracelet M'Bellishd won on another blog, Ring: can't remember, Shoes: Old Navy $6

Hello Friends:) I decided it was time to join the world of Mormon Fashion Bloggers!

I love cute clothes! I love a great deal! I love putting together a cute outfit! This blog will allow me to share my loves with you. This is my first extremely humble attempt at all three. Please keep in mind that I am the LEAST photogenic person you will ever meet. The photos are really about the clothes and not about the girl with the goofy look on her face wearing them. So here are the pics for my 1st outfit. Wow! I really can't take a good pic. Maybe from now on I'll post the closet w/out the Candy.


  1. Yay! I'm your first and biggest fan!

  2. Fun idea! You should check out little miss momma. She does cute poses on her blog. The link is on my sidebar.

  3. Super cute Candy! I'll definitely be following you!

  4. This is so Cute & so you.. This is for sure your department on fashion.. Good Luck!!!