Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Creative Craft Supply Storage

While on vacation in Florida a few years ago I stumbled across this wonderful vintage window frame. It was the white frame with a screen in it. I bought the window frame for $10.
I could just imagine the potential of this beautiful window frame. So we hauled it from Florida all the way back to Indiana.

When we got home I tore out the screen and nailed a sheet of peg board to the back of the frame.
The peg board was free from a generous neighbor:)
Next I needed to find away to attach my craft supplies. I headed to our local Home Depot.

They have a section for tool organization. I found little trays, hooks, plastic jars, and all kinds of goodies designed to attach your tools to a peg board. Unfortunately they were all yellow! :( the trays, the lids to the jars ugh! I WANTED BLACK! I grabbed a can of spray paint and painted the yellow black:) It has held up beautifully!

The small plastic jars are perfect for buttons and pins and small odds and ends.

The hooks are great for hanging all of my fun scissors.

These metal clamps were just the right size for my large punches.

They also worked great for my smaller punches.
Total Break down for my Creative Craft Supply Storage
Window Frame $10
Peg Board Free
Spray Paint Free (had in my garage)
Trays were 3 for a couple of dollars
Clamps were about 1.50 a piece
The plastic jars were three for a couple of dollars too!
So, depending on how many hooks, trays, and clamps you buy it can be as inexpensive or as extensive as you want to make it.

I just had to take a pic to show you my awesome vintage typewriter. A woman at church knows that I like antiques and such. Out of the kindness of her heart she GAVE this little baby to me for FREE!! She had it stored in its case just sitting in her barn.
I LOVE it! I have it prominently displayed in my family room.
I think of her generosity each time I look at it.
It's a good reminder to me to be generous to those around me:)

There you have it. My Creative Craft Supply Storage
Inexpensive, Functional, and Fashionable!

You could also use it to organize all of your gift wrapping supplies:)
Tape, Scissors, Gift Tags, Ribbon, etc. It would be beautiful and Functional.

It really is handy having my supplies right at my finger tips. What creative ways have you organized things in your home?

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. WOW!I'm in love with this space!! I'm sure that makes life a bit more easier and crafting that much more fun!! Awesome job! Your newest fan!!

  2. I so love this!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. I love it! So glad you linked up with us!


  4. I featured your awesome project!

  5. Your peg board looks fabulous! I'm drooling over your vintage typewriter.

  6. Wow! My husband has the same desk. Has owned it since he was very young! Is this something u found recently or was it urs?

  7. Hi Debi, Thanks so much for visiting:) I actually bought the desk about 10 yrs. ago at a yard sale for about $5. It's a great desk and I love it! I left it exactly as I found it:) Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy