Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Tips To Successful Black-Friday Shopping

1. DO NOT bring your children. It's not fun for them or you!

2. DO NOT bring your husband! He will only slow you down;)

3. DO go with a girlfriend or two. No more than a group of 4. It's too hard to keep track of

4. DO wear bright and easy to spot colored clothes. Makes it easy to find your friends in the
crowded stores. This year my friends and I will be wearing Light up Reindeer Antlers:) for

5. DO make sure your cell phone is charged. You don't want to wast valuable shopping time
tracking down your friends.

6. DO pack snacks and water in your purse! Last year I spent 2 hrs. sitting on the floor in
Wal-Mart waiting to get a DS. My snacks and water sure came in handy!

7. DO have 1 person stand in the long lines while the other ones shop and then swap. That way
you get in the lines early, but still get your shopping time:)

8. DO get all of your coupons in order BEFORE you leave!

9. DO make a list of all of the stores you want to visit and the time they will be opening! Also
write down all of the things you need to buy at that store. The item and the price.

10. DO Plan on taking a nap after you get home:)

Follows these 10 Simple Steps and you too can be a Black-Friday Shopping Maven:)

  • Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. You left out the best tip of all. Con your sister into buying your Black Friday items while you stay snuggled in bed at home :)

  2. Those are some great tips Candy:) I can't wait to go shopping at midnight tomorrow!