Tuesday, September 20, 2011

what I wore to church tonight

Tonight was our RS Meeting night. It was a totally Awesome night about 72 hour kits. I know...who puts the word AWESOME with 72 hour kits? Well we have some amazing people who can do amazing things. I came home totally inspired to get my 72 hour kit in order. So lets get to the outfit deets shall we. Blouse: TJ MAXX clearance $12, Tee: black Mossimo Target about 100yrs ago, Necklace: American Eagle full price $17. shh don't tell It's our little secret cause I don't ever pay full price ;) watch: Wal-Mart about $12, Jeans: Maurices $12, Earrings: Honestly can't remember, Bracelets: Wal-Mart clearance $3, seriously don't under-estimate a store like Wal-Mart. If you do you might miss a treasure or a diamond in the rough. Adorable mustard yellow shoes, JC Penney $10 after I used my $10 off coupon :) Handbag: JC Penney's $15 after my $10 off $25 purchase coupon. This was the first time I wore this blouse and I like the pop of yellow that the shoes offer the outfit and the yellow handbag. I got a lot of compliments at church from a lot of super cute ladies so it must be cute right? I am so blessed to have so many cute ladies that I love at church. I'm hoping to spot-light more of them on my blog! Stay fashionable, Love Candy ps: I will continue to work on my poses and try to get some more pics outside in the natural light. :)


  1. I was so jealous of your cute shoes and purse! And I am pretty sure I complimented your shirt. If not I meant to :) I love that shade of grey!

    PS- I think the poses are getting better! ;) I was thinking that before I saw what you had written!

  2. super cute and welcome welcome to the Mormon mom w/ style! :)

  3. I love the gray and yellow. I wish I looked better in baggy sweaters, but being short and well-endowed just doesn't help! I think I would buy a lot more trendy clothes (instead of a bit more classic) if I didn't have those problems! :)