Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Photo Shoot

This was our attempt at a non-professional photo shoot. Unfortunately, it was extremely windy, cold, really bright, and after the shoot I found out that some how I had switched my camera to one of the lowest quality settings:( Not to mention we happen to be one of the least photogenic families on the planet. lol (Not because I don't have beautiful girls and a really cute husband.) It's just that one of us always has a weird look on our face and we hardly ever get one with everyone's eyes open. That being said please enjoy my sweet family:)

Our creative, artsy, crafty, and cute middle daughter.

Our athletic, determined, funny, cute oldest daughter.

Our youngest, adorable, silly, inventive, youngest daughter.

The good looking charmer in the back belongs to me;)

I think we need a do-over;) It's like pulling teeth to get this group to do a photo shoot though. I may have to do some creative editing and just make these work:) since I had the camera on the wrong setting. How are family photo shoots with your family? Does your husband hate to have his picture taken as much as mine? Anyone who knows Kirk knows that it's a miracle to get a shot of him without his tongue sticking out. lol
Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy

PS. Now that my camera is on the correct setting my blog photos should be a lot better:)


  1. It is so hard to get all the elements right! Especially with our crazy Indiana weather. I really like the one with all of you together. Did you put the camera on timer or did someone take it for you? Everyone is smiling so nicely. I love everyone's outfits and especially your shirt.

  2. Your family is so cute and i think the pictures look good. Curt and Kirk are SO much a like. I hate trying to talk Curt into family pictures.

  3. I promise I'll take some for you in the spring!!! We'll do a nice, lovely, fun family shoot just for you. But honestly, I think they turned out cute. If you want help editing, then just email them to me and I'll try to help you out ;) I like the outfits you chose too.

  4. I think they turned out great! But I was about to wonder where in the heck Kirk was during it all. ;) I'm sure he was just happy to only have a couple taken of him! I really am wanting to get some pictures of the kids with all the fall color, but, like you said, when it has been warm enough, it has been super windy! Plus we have a lot of green down here still, so I am wanting to wait a bit longer to get more fall color change. I love all the poses! Gives me some ideas to use with my kids.

  5. Kris, As you may have guessed..Kirk was in the middle of a car project so we just got him in a few:)

  6. I think they are great! Definitely looks like your family. I too really like your outfits!