Monday, November 28, 2011

Daddy, Daughters, and a Date / Hot Cocoa Bar

The Girls got some GREAT NEWS this weekend!
Kirk got 4 FREE tickets to the Colts game and they got to be his dates:)

They were so Excited!! It was their First time at a professional football game.
Lucas Oil Stadium is INCREDIBLE!
They are HUGE COLTS fans!! They couldn't wait !!
They had seats in the 8th row in the end zone!
Lucky girls!
They had a SUPER FUN time!

I enjoyed a nice afternoon home alone. I decided to make a hot chocolate bar for our kitchen.
I used 3 Apothecary jars. 1 for the cocoa packets, 1 for the cookie sticks dipped in chocolate (for stirring), and marshmallows, and mugs. The girls are so EXCITED to have this fun addition to our kitchen;) I think I'm going to add some Candy Canes too.

I got the idea from Pinterest. I LOVE Pinterest!!

What things are you doing to get ready for the Holidays?

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. How fun! I keep telling Curt he needs to take Kara on a Daddy Daughter Date just to Taco Bell or to get some ice cream. I think they would both love it!

    I like your hot chocolate bar. Way cute idea!

  2. Can't wait to come over and raid the Hot Choco bar!

  3. Cute! BTW, can you email me an invite?

  4. This is a cute idea. The ideas for it are endless! Thanks for sharing. :)