Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

This is the outfit I picked to wear for Christmas Eve.
 Kohls Vera Wang top $6
Maurices Jeggings $12
Wal-Mart Black Boots $25
Long Sleeve Tee I got at Target on Clearance like back when I got married 15yrs ago:)
Kohls headband and Ring

I Winterized  this outfit  with the Long Sleeve Tee and by Using the Black Ribbon Belt and Black Boots
to anchor the outfit with dark colors since the blouse is light.
Looking at this outfit in pics now...I'm not sure it was a GREAT choice.
I do However, like that it's not just the traditional red and green Christmas Attire.

Every year we spend Christmas Eve with my Family.
Left to Right: Baby Brother Josh, Younger Sister Stacy, My Momma, My Dad, Moi, and Younger Brother Michael:) You guessed it...I'm the Oldest of the 4 kids:)

The little girls spent literally hours coloring in Giant Fun Color Books.

The Older kids played Cards.

The twin cousins Breawna and Makayla.

Me with my FAB Parents<3
Bill and Yolonda.

Of course there was plenty of harassing and tormenting too ;)
That's how we show love;)  It was a GREAT day with lots of yummy food
and a Wonderful Time to Be Together.
Now...I'm taking a poll.  Do you think I look like my Momma or my Dad?
I've been trying to figure it out for years.  So leave me a comment to help me figure it out.
Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. In these pictures, definitely your dad!

  2. see i can see you being an amalgamation of both!Funky top, love how you layered it :)
    Rachel :D

  3. I have to say it really looks like Briley is giving Ryne a wet willie... Just saying :)