Friday, December 23, 2011


About 4 years ago we started a Christmas Tradition of Giving Gifts to Jesus.
I found this Sweet Nativity Box at Hobby Lobby.

Every year we place the box under the Christmas Tree.
One night near Christmas we read the Christmas Story and then  each write at least one
kind act of love or service we will give to another as our Gift to the Savior.

When I bought the box I found this cute Matching Nativity Paper for us to 
write down our gifts.   This year we have decided to do our gifts a little bit different.
This year we will pick something to work on for the whole new year as our Gift to the Savior.
For example:  Making our Prayers more Frequent and Meaningful.
I'm excited to pick gifts that we can work on all year:)

It's also fun to leave the notes from previous years to look back and reflect.
This cute note was from Macie Last Year.  She did it all by herself.
The last 3 say:
We can Write Letters
We Can Be Nice
We Can Be Friends

Please Leave A Comment with Your Favorite Family Holiday Tradition:)

Wishing All Of You A Beautiful and Magical Holiday!
Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy

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