Monday, December 12, 2011

Now That Is An UGLY Sweater!!

Every year for as long as I can remember we get together with our best pals for a SUPER FUN
But, this year may go down in HISTORY as the UGLIEST  SWEATER EVER!!
Mike never disappoints!  One year he dressed up as EDDIE from
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Wish I had a pic of that.  Let's just say the wearing
of a "dickie" sp?  was involved (you know one of those cut off turtle necks!)
This year he got REALLY CREATIVE with some Maple Syrup and a BIG FRO WIG!
Now that's a hairy sweater!  He was inspired by a hairy man he saw at the Beach 
over Spring Break!  lol I love it!
Who says Men lack Fashion sense;)
Congratulations Mike!!  This year will be DIFFICULT to top!

Here's a look at the ladies.  I forgot to mention that his wife Kim glued some REAL DOG HAIR to the puppy on her sweater!  Don't was just the tail and no animals were injured during the process;)
There was a variety of other sweater ugliness!
I made mine by hot gluing red garland, peppermints and bows to one of my old brown cardigans. 
This is such an incredible and fun group of Ladies.
I am blessed to call them my friends:)

The Pretty Ladies are married to these Crazy GUYS!
Love Greg's SUPER Be-Jeweled Lovely and Sock Hat on the far left.
We had lots of Laughs and Created Lots of Fun Memories!
I'm sure we will be Celebrating Together for Many Years To Come!
Hope this brought you some Big Smiles and Good Laughs!

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. So sad to miss this another year. I think you and I hosted the first annual Christmas Party years ago back in our C-ville days. glad you had a great time. So sorry to miss Mike's fancy fashion.

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  3. I actually removed that post, because I thought of something better to say! ha! Looks like a great evening. Can you even call Mike's sweater a sweater!? He never fails to entertain, huh? :) Miss those parties - haven't started that one here, yet.

  4. That is such a fun idea. I love the hairy sweater. LOL! I am a new follower visiting from Gingerbread blog. Vicky from Mess For Less