Thursday, January 5, 2012


 We were ready for a NEW LOOK in our front Living Room.
So, over New Year's Break we got to work;)
I took this $1 Garage Sale Frame and turned it into a mini photo gallery.
I used some Jute and mini scrapbook clothes pins to make 
a photo clothes line.  You can't tell from the pic
but the frame has the cutest burlap border.

 I also bought this really fun rug to add color and pattern.

 This Sub-Way Art I purchased at TJ Maxx several months ago.
I was waiting for the perfect spot.  I found it on the wall between the doorways to the
kitchen and downstairs bath.  It was originally $80 marked all the way down to $10!  LOVE IT!!
I love that it's all about NEW YORK TOO!

We Moved our WII to the front Living Room and are storing our
controllers and accessories in Kirk's Grandma's Antique Picnic Basket.
( I collect Vintage Picnic Baskets.)
Now the girls can play more often and have room for friends.

We added a reading corner too.
We are planning to get a cute floor lamp for this corner.
I want to get a cute pillow for the chair too.

My ladder back chairs for extra seating and our one and only pet and his home.
The book shelf holds my great-grandma's dishes and my milk glass dishes.
It also holds old family church books and our brick that we made in Nauvoo.

Voila!  What used to be a dining room slash living room is now a fun Living Room 
with room for games and friends:)
Wish I had a before pic for you. I'll remember next time....I promise!
We really like our NEW SPACE!
It's amazing what buying a couple of new things and re-arranging a room's furniture can
really do for a home.  

I challenge you to look around your home and see what small changes you can make
to maximize space and versatility.  

You would be surprised at how good it feels just to move a few things around...even
if it's just your wall art:)

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. Love this!!! I love the picture Frame.. You should come rearrange my house :)

  2. Fun! Where did you move the dining table to?

  3. I bet you will enjoy the extra room. Looks good! Love the rug.

  4. Looks great Candy! You've always been awesome at decorating!

  5. cute Candy! I LOVE the subway sign. I need to know where you got that chair next to the couch (on the left side). I need one for my office!