Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Silky Pretty  Flower Rosette Hair Barrettes $1 Each.

Silky Rosette Headbands $1 Each.

 I always have to stock up on GUM.  The Teenage and Tweenage 
Girls ALWAYS like to have FRESH BREATH.

These exact pony tail holders were on clearance at target for about $4.
You can get GREAT $1 DEALS on brushes and hair accessories.

I got this TRES ADORABLE Colors and Shapes Playskool
Flash Card Set.  I have some Artwork Ideas in store for these
for Macie's Bedroom:)  Love $1 Flashcards

Have you been noticing all of the fun vintage flash card artwork ideas?
I'm excited to give it a try!
                                I Love the Idea of this Flash Card Clothes Line:)                

Last but not least this $1 Wreath.
Right now it's Ugly...I'm hoping
it will be BEAUTIFUL after I transform it.

I want to do Something Like this, but in different colors.
I found the Wreath photo and idea here.
Do you like to FREQUENT the Dollar Store?  What are some things you Find?

Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy

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