Friday, February 10, 2012


Last Friday I went on a small shopping trip.  You know I couldn't resist;)  
I just had to hit KOHLS!!

One of the nearby Kohls has 8 that's right 8 RACKS FULL of Misses
Winter Coats that are 80% off!!!
I tried this baby on and knew it was meant for me:)

I've never had a furry hooded coat before.

And just look at these GORGEOUS BUTTONS and the VARIOUS COLORS!
It has mustard yellow, turquoise, and red!!  
Hello!! All of my Favorites!

Now for the FABULOUSNESS of it ALL.
Original Price $150.00

NOW   $30 &  I'm a Kohls Card MVC so I got an
XTRA 15% off!

So, I got this Little Beauty for about $26+ tax!

You may have heard the angels sing last Friday.
Ya.....they are Excited About the 8 Racks of 80% off Coats too!!

Be sure to check out a Kohls Near you!  You too may get an angel singing deal!!

Side Note: 16 yrs ago today I had my first date with Mr. Allen.  3 1/2 weeks later
we were engaged and 3mths later married!  He is MY MOST FABULOUS FRIDAY FIND!!!
We met on Friday Feb. 9th, 1996  :)

LoVe YoU KiRk!!

Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy


  1. what a great find! But if you go to Jc Penney, they have coats for $20 right now too. This is the perfect moment to buy winter clothes. I am sure you look adorable in that beautiful coat!

  2. wohooooo...awesome find!