Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Flash Card Ideas

I was so EXCITED after I finished my $1 Flash Card Colors Banner.
I decided to dig out all of our Flash Cards here at home.
I found all of these.

We have had some of these since our Teenager was a Toddler.

I was Uber Excited to find this set!
I love that they have a vintage look to them:)
I played around with them and came up with some FUN ideas.

The word Flash Cards can be used to create sentences that could
either be framed or turned into a banner.
You could also turn them into magnets for your fridge.
It would be FUN to leave messages for each other.

I used the Alphabet Cards to Spell Macie's Name.
I could frame these in a 5 hole picture frame and
it would look cute hanging in her room.
I like it because it has bright colors, cute pictures, and
you can totally personalize it.  You could also use number
flash cards to represent special dates. 
Your child's birthday, your anniversary, or a special year.

I used these subtraction cards to represent Macie's birth year
2004.  These could also be framed or turned into a banner.
I love that it makes you think a bit.

Finally I combined words with picutres.  How cute is My Nest?
You could also Decoupage these to Canvas and Create Beautiful Art Work.
I have seen flash cards used for Family Room and Dining Room Decor too.
The ideas are endless!

I used to use those $1 Plastic Photo Albums.  I would put the flashcards in the book.
Then the girls could use them as quiet books for church.

I HEART Flash Cards Because:  Flash Cards are VERY Inexpensive,They have BEAUTIFUL Pictures,
They are great Learning Tools, and They Make AWESOME Decor!

What would you do with a CUTE stack of Flash Cards?

Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy

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