Monday, September 19, 2011

My Real Closet

Hi Friends, I thought I should actually show you my REAL CLOSET. It's amazing what they consider to be a "walk-in closet." I can sort of walk in and do a small turn around;) I love the decorated door. Thanks to my 7 year old Macie. I use as much vertical space as possible stacking sweaters, jeans, and skirts almost to the ceiling. I use every corner too. I have three of the shoe shelf organizers. Found at wal-mart for about $15 each. I should really count my pairs of shoes and boots. I'm sure it would surprise even ME! I use a belt hanger on the door of my closet for necklaces. The space at the bottom of the closet between all of the shoes is where I put our laundry basket for dirty clothes. I thought I'd spare you the peak at our skivies!! I out grew this closet quite awhile ago. Stay tuned and I'll show you what to do when your shopping hobby overwhelms your storage space. Thanks for stopping by. Love, Candy ps. do you like how some of the jewelry still has tags? lol

1 comment:

  1. Loving the closet Candy! You have way more clothes then me, but I think I might have just as many shoes. I'm an addict!