Friday, September 23, 2011

Not So Fabulous Finds Friday

The finds today aren't clothing related.

1. Not so fabulous find: My camera was totally dead and needed re-charged:( so no outfit for today.

2.Not so fabulous find: When I went out to get the mail there was a huge puddle of something underneath my mini-van. I backed the mini-van up so I could take a closer look. I knelt down by the puddle. Hmmmm what could it be? Oil, water from the air-conditioner, or anti-freeze? There was only one way to findout...ok..maybe two. First I bent over and took a big sniff. Hmmmm...I didn't detect a smell. So onto step two I used my fingers and smeared them around in the huge puddle. I looked at them, I rubbed them together, I smelled more. Hmmmm...I really hope the neighbors weren't watching;) I somehow get the feeling that there was probably a better way to do this without practically licking the driveway. So being the wife of an extremely handy guy, I popped the hood and looked the engine over. Then I saw the problem. Anti-freeze was dripping and getting all over the engine. Called the man (handy guy aka: Kirk) Reported my findings to him and $30 and SEVERAL hours of his labor later we have a new water pump.

3. Not So Fabulous Find: Our youngest daughter was diagnosed with strep throat this week and missed 3 days of school.

***we did end the week on a couple of high notes though. I had a half price appetizers night with "the girls" the group of wild young mom's from church;) lol at Applebee's where my gorgeous friend Ciara gave us all an awesome hair tutorial right there at the table;) thanks Ciara We even took turns trying the technique with her cold flat iron. We found out I am totally underqualified to be using a flat iron. Turn it this way wrap it that way. I am dyslexic with hair tools...I use them backwards. I know it's crazy! 2nd high note. My oldest daughter got the lead in the school play and my middle daughter got the really great part of a Mermaid. Yay girls!!! So see Not So Fabulous Finds aren't so bad when they get mixed with a few high notes;) Have a Great Week-end! Watch out for crazy groups of young mom's at Applebee's!!! Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy

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  1. You are sooo funny! To look at you no one would ever imagine how car smart you really are! I love that I was included in the "young moms" group! I feel so young now! :)