Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Fashions For My Home

Welcome to my home:) It's definitely one of my favorite places!
I love fall! The warm colors and textures you can use to dress your home.
So here's a peak into what my home wears for fall.

This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. We don't have a fireplace or mantle. I really wanted one so I came up with this instead. I purchased this for $2 at a thrift store. Exactly in this condition. It's meant to be a headboard. We use it at as a sort of couch table. I really love it and for $2 I LOVE IT!!

Another favorite piece for me is the antique shutters I have in the corners of our family room.
I got the pair for $35 at an antique store for my birthday many years ago. They were marked down from $75.

You're probably starting to notice I have a thing for antiques. I love the mix of brand new furniture mixed with old pieces with great character. My whole house is a mix of new and old.

I'm a sucker for a cute apothecary jar. A great place to find them for a great price is TJ MAXX.

These photos are from our Family Room, our kitchen, our living room, and this is the antique bench on our front porch. Another great find for $30.

I hope you like the way I dress my home for fall. I wish the pictures were scratch and sniff. Then you could smell my hot buttered rum yankee candle and my banana nut bread candle burning. You'll just have to improvise;) How do you like to dress your home for the holidays.
What's your favorite holiday and why?
Happy Fall! Stay Fashioinable!! Love, Candy


  1. I love it! Your house always looks so cute for all the holidays. I love the candy corn Trick or Treat. Is it painted canvas? I don't think I have seen it at your house before.

  2. I love my leaf garland that I got at Hobby Lobby 75% off a few years ago. I also love pumpkin smelling soaps and candles. Fall and christmas are my favorite times of year to decorate for.

  3. Love it! I'm still waiting for that scratch-n-sniff computer screen to come out too! I wish I had more space for decoration, but at this point it all has to be 5 feet or more off the ground, and I can't put holes in the walls, so my options are limited. Someday my children will not attempt to break/spill/eat every decorative item within their reach! Someday....

  4. Fall is DEFINITELY my favorite time of the year!!! Maybe that is why I tend to decorate my house with those warm colors of red, mustard yellow, orange and sage green. I love the top of your piano. I would like some apothecary jars, but I don't know where I would put them unless I moved some other things around.

  5. Visiting from Ginger Snap crafts ~ Love all your AuTuMn decor! The old headboard is a great idea...