Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This is the outfit i wore today. It's a dress, cream tee, jeggings, and mustard shoes. Very comfy and casual. But, I wanted to show you the small changes you can make to totally change your look.

Here I just swapped into copper color flats, (hand-me-down from little sis), wide brown belt, and khaki cropped jacket. Three small changes that totally changed the look. This is a good option for when it's cooler outside.

Here I swapped to a denim jacket, a brown flower leather headband, brown coach handbag and put back on the mustard shoes. Again totally changing the look.

The only thing I changed here was I added the cardi. I love the softness the cardi adds to the romantic shirt/dress.

This outfit I added the wide belt and switched the flats for boots. Easy Peasy! You could also add different jackets or a cute cardi to spice it up.

I also love the way you can change the look of the jeggings by rolling them up into a crop pant! Another totally free way to change your look. I love the ruggedness of the boot and belt added to the flowy feminine shirt/dress. Look at all of these different options for a pair of jeggings and a shirt/dress. Funny....I didn't even show it as a dress. I could use cotton leggings or tights and add heels....I could go on all night. You get the picture :) Now go into your closet and explore your options. See what you can create without spending a penny. Go create and be fashionable!!

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. Great fall colors in the background! Did Hadyn take this pics for you? You looked so cute today. I love how you showed this with different styling. I think my favorite is the one with the pink cardi. I like the soft look. Fun post!!

  2. I love this post! Sometimes I get stuck with wearing the same things together. I especially love the cardigan with the outfit. And the wide belt and boots in the last picture. I tried one of your ideas, so hop on over to my blog to check it out!

  3. Those boots are so fab! I love all the looks but really that purple cardi pops!