Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Hello My Fashion Friends!
I thought it was time for another give-away.
These are fabric designer brads that I made into earrings.
Aren't they just ADORABLE!
Who wouldn't love SIX new pairs of earrings to go with all of their fun fall clothes?
(They are for pierced ears.)
They could be paired with so many great ensembles!!
So, if you want a chance to win leave me a comment telling me what you would
like to wear these little beauties with or where you might go wearing them:)
If you'd like a second chance to win post a status update on facebook with the link to
my blog www.candysclothescloset.blogspot.com. Then come
back and tell me that you did it. Simple enough. I'll close this give-away on Saturday Oct 8th
at mid-night. So leave those comments ladies and Good Luck!!
Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. Cute! I really like the vibrant ble color. I am not sure what I would wear them with though, I would need my stylish friend, Candy to help me decide!

  2. I put the link of you blog on my fb status!
    I think the green ones might match a skirt I have and I have a blue shirt that might match the blue ones but I'm not sure. I'm with Heather on getting my stylish friend to help me decide!!

  3. Hmmm... I thought I posted a comment on here. Anyway, I think a cute sweater and my brown boots would look smashing with these earrings. :)