Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hair Candy

So Fun to MAKE and WEAR!

I decided to be a little crafty today. I made some "hair candy" for my three girls.
This is my youngest, Macie, modeling one of the flower hair clips.
I used beautiful colors of felt that I already had from a previous project.
I used the alligator hair clips (box of 100) from Sally's beauty supply.
I already had those too. That equals a totally free project!

I made three different styles. Simple bows with rounded corners, rectangle hair bows, and
free hand flowers with buttons. I got the idea for the simple hair bows from Disney over at

I really like these colors for FALL!
I decided to free-hand them because in nature nothing is
perfectly symmetrical. You could also make a pattern though.
I have a lot of craft supplies at my house. So I already had the buttons too.

Mustard yellow "hair candy" yummy enough to eat!
I LOVE these 3 styles because they look great in my hair and the girls' hair.

More yummy fall colors!
These were made using fabric scissors, beautiful colored felt, buttons, alligator hair clips, and
my handy-dandy glue gun.
I won't mention the fact that I no longer have finger prints because I burned
them off with my glue gun;) lol

I was thinking of attaching them to some cute cards and giving them to some
of Macie's little friends for birthday gifts. What do you think? Are these
cute enough for gifts?
I know I had promised a post with some special goals for my blog. I'll post those tomorrow.
Today I was too excited for these little hair lovelies! I wanted to share them with my fashion
friends ASAP! If you like these and think you might make your own please leave me a comment.
I would LOVE to get some pics of you and your little peanuts modeling them.
Also, if you have questions about their construction please leave me a comment.
Happy Crafting and Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. Cute! I like the flowers the best.

  2. Cute! Macie did a good job being your little model :)

  3. Cute! I noticed Macie was wearing one sunday and I was going to ask you if you made it but I forgot. It's way cute!

  4. Very cute! love all the different shapes!