Friday, October 7, 2011

So I Was Thinking........

Anytime our oldest daughter starts a sentence with.... "so, I was thinking..."
we know we are in for a Big Idea.

Well, lately I've been thinking.
I've been thinking about what some of my goals are for this blog.
After a lot of thought and consideration this is what I have decided.

This was really hard for me to write. I feel vulnerable knowing it's out there for all to read. However, I really feel like it's what I'm supposed to do. So, here I go......

When I was growing up I didn't have very good self-confidence.
I was really shy. I was the smart girl with glasses and braces. Sometimes I didn't think I was good enough and I just knew I wasn't pretty.
I think from time to time we might all feel that way a little bit. I didn't always feel this way. It just crept up on me from time to time.
Well, by the time I got to college I had convinced myself that maybe if I was thin enough
I would finally be pretty and "good enough". People who know me know that growing up
I was never over weight. I was actually always a bit on the skinny side. My first year of
college I gained the college 10-15 and wasn't really liking what I saw in the mirror. I had never weighed that much before.
I started running and working out and eating....well sort of eating. By the time I started my second year of college I was 5'5 and weighed about 110 lbs I had lost 25 lbs over the summer. I thought I was doing good. The only problem
was I had started an unhealthy eating and exercise pattern that led me to be barely 90lbs over the college semester. I didn't realize it at the time, but I was anorexic. This is something I really don't talk about very much. It was a very difficult time in my life. It's been a bit of a tough road. That was a husband, 3 beautiful daughters and 16 yrs ago. Not to mention some weight ups and downs. Now I'm a healthy weight for myself. I've been able to maintain my weight for over six years. That's not easy for someone who's brain has had them addicted to constant weigh-ins and calorie counting and calculating. Now when I look in the mirror I love what I see! Not just because of what I see on the outside, but how I feel about myself on the inside. I'm still not perfect, and that's ok. ]It really helps knowing that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father that loves me.

Having my own daughters, I very much want
them to have self-confidence and a healthy body image. So one of my main goals for this blog is to help women look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. Or, maybe if your
still working on your most of us. You can help your inside by feeling good about what you see on the outside.
It's not about the cost of your clothes, or the size or brand on the tag. It's about how you feel about yourself when you're wearing them. Some days I wear sweats and a pony tail and I feel just great! I also know that on the days I take a few extra minutes
to look a little cuter that I do feel better about myself and have more self confidence. That makes me a better and happier wife and mother too. If I can help even just one woman or girl feel good about her body or help improve her self-confidence then I have achieved one of my greatest goals for this blog.

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy

I couldn't resist...I had to show off just one more cute pic of my model for my "hair candy."
She told me that the janitor at school today said he liked her hair stuff and that he had seen it on her mom's website. lol Don't worry he's not creepy;) I know him from substituting at the school and he is a really great guy and role model for the kids.
I will post more goals in future posts. In the mean time..don't forget to leave a comment on the post for my earring give-away. It closes tomorrow at midnight.
Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. Love that you shared your experience with all of us. You have grown and overcome so many things. I am proud to be able to call you friend! <3

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Weight is such a hard thing for women. I've battled it my entire adult life. I think that's a worthy goal for your blog. Way to go Candy! Love it!

  3. You perfectly summed it up for me! Clothes are what you wear, not who you are, but when you feel put together, you feel better about everything else. I've been struggling with that a lot lately, because if I don't carve out time to at least do my hair or SOMETHING in the morning, I spend all day feeling like a haggard frump-mom, which makes me cranky. Thanks for sharing your journey with us- not everyone would feel secure enough to do so.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I'm definitely not one to open up to the public like that either, so I know it took a lot for you to do that. Definitely a good goal! And I like that you show off your friends too! :) Maybe if I come visit some time we can find a cute outfit for me to model. ;) I definitely feel better about myself when I take a little extra time to look nicer.

  5. PS Macie's hair looks so cute straight!

  6. Your level of amazing just went up in my book! I love what you have been thinking... and I think you are inspiring!

  7. I love your cute "I've Been Thinking" Pic! It is very brave of you to share such a personal struggle. I think that is a great goal for your blog. I struggle with weight and usually don't like what I see in my pictures, but when I have a cute outfit that I am excited about or a good hair day I always have a lot more confidence and when I am feeling more confident I am always happier with pics of me.

  8. You are amazing! I have always thought you were beautiful inside and out.

  9. Candy, you are beautiful inside and out. You're such a good mother and a great example to your girls. It's really awesome that you are doing this blog. I'm so ready to not be huge and pregnant anymore so I can start wearing real clothes again.

  10. Oh Candy! I want to cry! I was really concerned about you when we were roommates and worried you were "obsessing" about your weight. But I didn't know that things had gotten so bad! I remember seeing you at some point and you were pretty thin, but I didn't have any idea! You are very brave for posting this. I have my own struggles with weight and body image, like many mothers. But I have come to peace (most days) that I am not "Barbie", will never be "Barbie", and don't want to be "Barbie". I am thankful for the healthy, strong body the Lord gave me and feel it is my responsibility to take care of our "temples" and our children's Mothers...I am striving every day to do that WITHOUT beating myself up! Thank you for your story! I love you, roomie!