Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What to Wear?

Meet My, Model Beautiful, Sis-in-Law Christina. She had a wedding to attend, and this is the dress she wanted to wear. She first tried it with these dark brown shoes. She just wasn't feeling it. She wanted something more. So she went on a little shopping trip and found a way to add a pop of color. She bought a red bracelet and a red pair of flats. I LOVE RED AND GRAY!

Isn't it amazing what a little color can do? However, she is open to more ideas of how to wear this outfit. She came up with a terrific idea for my blog. You can e-mail a picture to me of you wearing an outfit that you're wanting to update, or change the look, or just looking for some new and fresh ideas. I will give my input and then you (my fashion friends) will also leave comments with advice for the look:) SO FUN, RIGHT?! Who doesn't love a free fashion consultation?

Here is the cute bracelet and the fun shoes she added. I love her choices because they can be so versatile. Those flats would look great with some dark wash jeans. Christina is pretty tall so she can pull off a flat better than some;) Girl does have some great legs too:) They would look really long and lean in heels.

I do have some other fun ideas for this dress. I love the style of this dress. It can be dressed up or down. Versatility is always a plus! This dress would look FAB with a skinny belt where the waist cinches. It could be a red one to match her bracelet and shoes or, it would be fun to shake it up with something different. She could totally change the look by using a wide black belt or brown belt. You CAN wear brown with gray:) It actually shows you have great style. However, in this case Christina definitely made a great choice to wear the red. It would also look more casual if she added a denim jacket over it. It looks like a comfortable dress so she could wear it to do errands or hang out with the girls. It would help it transition to fall. She could dress it up and make it really sassy with some red or black heals and a funky necklace and some hoop earrings. A great handbag is also a fun way to add sass or color. To totally change the look again she could add a colorful scarf in turquoise, red, or yellow at the neck.
If she has a long sleeve white button up, she could pull the shirt together about 1/2 way up the dress and tie it and wear some casual flats or flip flops. Did you notice the cute ruffles and length of the dress? She could cover the top of the dress with a sweater or blouse and use the dress as a cute skirt. Christina you did a great job when you picked up this little number. Your possibilities are endless.

If you have some fun ideas for the beautiful Christina and her lovely gray dress please leave a comment below. Plus, if you have an outfit or two that you're looking to re-invent or some accessories you want to better utilize, please leave me a comment and I'll get in touch with you about pictures and a post for my blog. Thanks again for all of your great love and support.

Stay Fashionable! LOVE, Candy

PS come back tomorrow to see what accessories, handbags, and belt options I found for Christina and where you can purchase them at a great price:)


  1. What a fun idea! I think it could be fun to add a butter yellow cropped cardigan and yellow flats

  2. I agree with everything said so far. Love red and grey, and yellow and grey. I also like the idea of either the belt or the cropped sweater to add more color. Good luck, christina!

  3. Love the red! There's just something about wearing red shoes that makes you feel like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and I love it!