Friday, November 4, 2011

Fabulous Finds Friday

Today was the BIG day! The day I was nervously awaiting. That's right. I got all dressed up and went and got my mammogram. You know what? It was a piece of cake! So, if you haven't talked to your Dr. yet. Don't hesitate. Remember to be pro-active and get checked. I won't get my results until next week. I have to say felt really good knowing that I was doing something to take care of myself.

I wore my Aeropostale boyfriend jeans, my favorite black blazer from JCP, my favorite black pointy toe boots and some fun red accessories. Oh ya, and my zebra print blouse from Cato.
I hadn't tried this outfit combo before. What do you think? Do you like it?

Now onto a couple of Fabulous Finds. I LOVE, LOVE, this handbag from Target!
It was really pricey! But, you know me I wait for a deal. A couple of weeks ago I snagged it for $8.74. LOVE IT!!

Did you know that when a Target Clearance price ends in a 4 it means that it's the lowest that it will be marked down? Just a helpful little tid-bit;)

In Style magazine and People Style Watch have shown some very well known actresses toting a handbag that is almost identical! Ya....I'm pretty sure theirs cost more than $8.

Here is my 2nd Fabulous Find. These oh so comfy sneaks were on Clearance at Kohls for
$16.49. But that's not cheap enough for me. So, I used my extra 15% off coupon along with the $10 gift card Kohls sent me in a flyer and got them for about $4! Shoes cost more than that at the Goodwill!! Yay for Kohls!!! They really should pay me to advertise for them;)

What are some of the Fabulous Deals you have found lately?
What store do you go to to find the best deals?

Don't miss out on JC Penney's coupon for $10 off a $25 purchase this week-end:)

Stay Fashionable! and Have a Fabulous Week-end!
Love, Candy


  1. Love the outfit! Glad you added the pop of color.

  2. I was wondering if boyfriend jeans over black pointy shoes was still in. ;) Now I know I can wear them and still be stylish! I got a cute blouse at Kohls for $1.40 after an extra 30% off!!!! Cute bag. I never have luck finding good clearance shoes at Kohls. They look comfy. PS Thanks for the Target tip!