Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fashions

I got my orange and black on to celebrate! I LOVE this orange cocoon sweater! It's like wearing a warm blanket! You guessed it...$8 from Kohls. They have them again this year for like $35.
Kohl's Clearance you really are the BEST!

The jeans I got at Old Navy. By now they're probably part of the vintage collection;)
They are really comfy and I love the little snags and stitching. I don't normally wear a light wash jean. These are sort of an exception.
Now onto the really good Halloween Fashions!!

Chef Hadyn, Princess Macie, and Nerdy Girl Briley.

It's not just Briley. Pretty much all of her friends are NERDS!

Aren't you TOTALLY DIGGING the Flo costume?! Camilla and her mom did a great job pulling it all together. Elizabeth is the hippie and you recognize the chef.

Here they are together before trick-or-treating. The older kids opted out this year! They handed out the treats.

Here I am with my FAVORITE airline PILOT!

You didn't know that we had fugitive gangster friends, did ya?
These are two of our very good friends and neighbors Mike and Kim. I LOVE her wig!!
They looked AMAZING!

Kelly and Greg are also our good friends and neighbors. They did an EXCELLENT job of modeling a blast from the past! We had a wonderful HALLOWEEN! I hope that all of you did too!

What were you this year for HALLOWEEN? Did your kids come up with some fun costumes?
I really wanted to be Rachel Zoe for Halloween! I was afraid people wouldn't know who I was supposed to be. Not everyone digs her style as much as me;)

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE Briley's bright orange chucks. I really want a pair now.I've done pick and sky blue and I think orange might be the new me.

  2. 'pick' meant 'pink.' sorry about that. ;)

  3. Hello!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are so sweet...

    I love your Halloween outfits.... and you gave me a great costume idea for next year.. Flo! genius!

    Have a great week!