Thursday, December 15, 2011


You know it's Christmas Time when you can bring out the BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS
DRESSES that Grandma Carol buys the girls each year:)
Briley is sparkly pink this year and loving every minute of it!

 This year Hadyn is Pink and Black with fun polka-dots!
You would think that it would  be easy to find MODEST Christmas
dresses.  Not true! So many of them are sleeveless!  Hello, it's winter time
and freezing cold!!  Let's have some sleeves PLEASE!
Grandma Carol always comes through with BEAUTIFUL
MODEST DRESSES:)  Thanks Grandma!

 2 of my gorgeous girls.  Macie jumped into her jammies the minute we
got home from church.  I'll have to try and catch her next time.

 Briley's choir performed at The Indianapolis Arts Garden this week.
It's part of Circle Center Mall.
One of my BFFS (best fashion friends) and I got to chaperone.
It was a GREAT performance and a FUN day of Shopping.

 There's Briley in the Santa Hat and Green Scarf.

I think the REAL HIGHLIGHT of the day was this NEW WAVE soda machine.
It really was AWESOME!  Amazing changing touchscreen!
I know...we don't get out to the BIG CITY much;)

What are you doing this Christmas Time of Year?

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. I love the Christmas dresses! The girls looked gorgeous in them! I am also loving the new blog look! Cute :) congrats on the guest post too!

  2. Love the pink and black! Is Macie's pink too? Morgan is going to be wearing hers this weekend. I recently got my hair cut, and I think it is very similar to Briley's! We can be birthday buddies (at least the same month!) AND haircut buddies! Can't wait to see you all!

  3. Luv the dresses especialy the sparkly one! Do you happen to know where she got the adorable christmas dresses I will be looking for one shortly?!

  4. So far no luck finding a similar dress if it's not to much trouble and if you still have it would you be able to tell me what the brand on the tag of the dress says? Thanks so much!