Thursday, December 1, 2011

Outfit Inspired by Christmas Tree

Our Family Room has a lot of blues and silvers for Christmas.
I let the color scheme from my Christmas Decorations
Inspire the color palette for this outfit.

Gray Lace Dress: $18 from Kohls
Gray Boots: $25 from Target
Black Blazer: $30 Super Sale I LOVE how tailored this
jacket looks and fits. A great investment for a Wardrobe Staple.
Black Leggings, Scarf, Black Bracelets and sparkly earrings: I've had forever and a day.
Flower Pin : $3 Vintage
Ring: Gift

I really don't know that I would've thought about putting a bright blue with gray and black.
I really was Inspired by my Christmas Tree and Decorations.

Now that I've tried it ....I REALLY LOVE IT!

What do you think about this color combo?

Look around your home and see what colors and textures inspire you.
You just might be surprised:)

I LOVE this pin. It goes with so many things.
I've even pinned it to a headband and worn it in my hair.
Pins are great like that. They can be worn so many different ways.

Lastly, my FAVORITE gray boots! I seriously get so many
"Where did you find those?"
"Those are too cute."

Target $25!! I'm telling you, Target rocks when it comes to great Clearance
deals on shoes and boots!!
They have these boots again this year for $45.

Let me know what you think about this color combo.
Also, where do you look for color inspiration? I'd love to hear it:)

Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. I love the teal and black/gray combo! I've done that a few times, but I like the different types of accessories and clothing you used together.

  2. I've been scared of accessories (or as I had previously deemed them, "excessories") for a long time... but you inspired me to try scarves! After coveting a red pashmina at a way-overpriced department store, I found a nearly identical one at Kohl's, only 9 bucks!