Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Do Ya Think?

Calling all Fashion Friends:)
I need your comments!  I am planning my upcoming posts and
would really love to hear what you would like to see on here.

More Tutorials for Cooking, Jewelry Making, and or Accessories?
How to's for example: How to Dress up Your Regular T-Shirt?
Great Sales and Deals and where to find them?
Organizing, Outfit Posts, GiveAways?

I know you have Fabulous Ideas! So Be Sure To Leave Me A Comment!
Let's Be Creative and Inspire One Another!
Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy


  1. Outfit modesty makeovers, one outfit worn several ways, modest prom dress options for teens, wearing an item in different seasons, sale notices, accessories advice, tutorials... you have lots of great ideas!

  2. I like all your ideas!
    I was thinking that some of your jewelry & accessories making tutorials would be fun to use for activity day girls. Even the how to's would be fun.
    I always like great sales and deals and where to find them.
    I like your outfit posts too! It's given me some cute ideas.

  3. -How about jewelry storage ideas? Where do you keep all your bling?
    -Debunking Fashion myths.
    -Ideas for adding length to skirts.
    -Where to find the best undershirts.
    -Why does modesty matter, in your opinion?
    -How to accessorize a Henley.
    -Which to pick: skinny belt or fat belt for a particular outfit.
    -DIY scarves.
    -Ideas for anything re-purposed. Like big t-shirts to skirts, or jeans to bracelets... I don't know.