Monday, January 9, 2012


 Kirk pulled up the toilet, peeled up the flooring, our good friend and neighbor Mike who was helping, put his hand down on the soft rotted spot and this is what happened.  Check out the large hole around what used to be the base of the toilet.  Can you imagine if someone would have fallen through the floor on our toilet?  

 This is the area of flooring that had to be removed.
Ya..that's my crawl space your seeing.
Let me just say....Crawl Spaces smell musty:(  eewwww!

 Mike  installs flooring and carpet professionally.  It was so nice of him to give up his Friday night and most of his Saturday afternoon and evening to help up with our flooring.  That's a good friend:)
Look at him go!  He's fast!!
If you ever need new carpet or flooring he does excellent work!

 Bet you're jealous that you didn't get to spend your Saturday night putting together a new toilet;)

 Look at our BEAUTIFUL NEW TOILET!  You wanna come try it out?

 Look at this old leaning pathetic potty we had been using!

 This is the BEFORE  flooring.

 This is the AFTER!  It is a darker brown with grout lines.  I really love the grout lines!!

We are so GLAD to be done!  I Really do Love the NEW flooring and the NEW toilet is so much NICER!
Thanks Again to Mike for Helping Us:)  We REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Just a hint and lesson learned....when your husband spends a day and a half repairing your bathroom....
be sure and thank him profusely before pointing out the fact that the new toilet  tank doesn't cover
the same part of the wall as the old one and that you will now have to repaint the bathroom!! ;)

I really am grateful for a husband who is so skilled and talented:)
Thank you Honey for doing such a GREAT JOB!

Stay Fashionable!  Love, Candy


  1. Looks good! I really like the new flooring too. Kent put up 2 new ceiling fans and a removed the ugly pool table light and replaced it with a nice little chandelier light recently - mostly on weekends too. It makes it look so much nicer and definitely brighter and updated!