Friday, January 20, 2012

Stripes Done Right:)

 Courtney and Briley are good friends, neighbors, and they attend church together.
They are both the oldest of all girls in their families.  Briley is our oldest with 2 younger sisters
and Courtney has 1 younger sister.

They were both attending a Sunday night Fireside and decided to coordinate their outfits.
I love that they chose stripes!  Stripes are so IN and CUTE!
Briley warmed hers up for winter by adding a long sleeve Tee under her sweater.
The 3/4 length sleeve that Courtney is wearing allows it to be very versatile
for all of the seasons.

 Denim skirts are always a good wardrobe staple!
They rarely wrinkle and can be worn any season with just about anything.
You can dress them up with opaque tights and heels or dress them 
down with flip flops and a tee.

These two chose opaque tights and warm winter boots.
Very on trend for the teen crowd;)

Briley's Outfit Deets:
Denim Skirt: Cato Clearance about $7
Opaque tights: Stolen from my drawer!
Boots: Shoe Carnival $20
Sweater: Hand me down from Aunt Stacy
White Tee:  Forever Ago

I don't have the deets for Courtney's Outfit.
I love her cute denim skirt with the pleating though.

It would be GREAT IF EVERYONE had  a pencil style denim skirt.
They are flattering on ALL FIGURES.
We Could all use some stripes too!
Remember when they always said NO HORIZONTAL STRIPES!
Not true anymore. Just make sure the stripes are the right proportion for your body.

These are 2 things that can  be purchased very INEXPENSIVELY!
Good Will always has lots of denim skirts and so does OLD NAVY often on Clearance.
Stripe Tees are an easy way to add the STRIPE  trend.  Target often has good deals on striped tees.

Funny...those are 2 things I don't have in my wardrobe.  I may have to do some looking;)

Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy


  1. I have a super comfy, cute dark stretchy pencil denim skirt I got on clearance last fall at Cato that I ADORE!!! I find myself wanting to wear it like every Sunday with a different top or sweater. It definitely flatters my figure (which is hard to do sometimes!). Not so sure about the horizontal stripes with my body. Not good for the well-endowed. :) BUT I think Briley looks super cute in her outfit! BTW, Kent would probably kill me if he knew I told you this, but tonight after work he went BY HIMSELF to TJ Maxx and actually spent money on himself. He ended up buying things he didn't plan on buying and getting some awesome clearance deals! That's my man! Ha!!! I was quite proud of his mad shopping skills. :)

  2. They're adorable and I love the matching stripes :)

  3. Awwwwww, they're darling! Thanks so much for linking up to Monday Mingle!