Monday, January 23, 2012


Macie attended a Cheer Clinic on Saturday.  It was hosted by the High School Cheerleaders.
 They learned  fun dances and cheers.  Macie loves Hanging Out with the Cool High School Cheerleaders.
It was moved from Sat. morning to afternoon because of the snow and freezing rain that we got.
I am so glad that they didn't cancel it!  So many little girls would've been heart broken.

Saturday night they performed 2 cheers and a dance during Half-Time at the Varsity High School basketball game. They did such a great job!  It was fun to be back at my high school.  So MANY fun memories! A little scary though! Next year Briley will be a Freshman.  Seeing all of those older, hairy, athletic, tall, and good looking guys makes me nervous!!!  I feel like I'm sending my little girl to the WOLVES!    Deep Breath.....Kirk must work on his INTIMIDATION skills!!  She's not allowed to date until she's 16!  Thank Goodness!

Me EXCITED to go to the Big Game!

Me After Realizing My Daughter will be in High School Next Year!

She started Kindergarten a year early. That makes her the YOUNGEST in her class!
It makes me Nervous to think of all those older boys hanging out in the halls just waiting to prey on
my young, pretty, and innocent daughter! ;)

I know she'll be fine.  She can TOTALLY hold her own!  I guess it just seemed MORE REAL after actually being in the high school with the students. that being said...Here are My Outfit Deets:
Our School Colors are Orange and Blue

Jeggings: Wal-Mart $12
Rain Boots: Maurices $12
Boot Socks: Kohls
Scarf: Cato $8-$10
Cardigan: Kohls $10
Turtleneck Sweater: JC Penneys $10
Earrings: Maurices $3
Ring: I think Maurices

Stay Fashionable!  Love,Candy

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