Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday Night Date

Friday night Kirk and I went to see The Woman In Black for our
Valentine's Date.

This was my attempt at  a Rocker Chick Look.
When I got downstairs and showed my girls they said
"You don't look like a rocker still look like mom."
epic fail!  with the girls anyway:(

I decided to veto the girls and go with this look anyway;)

The Zip up jacket with the ruched sleeves is from Kohls  $6.
The glittery sweater is JCP $10.
The Necklace is Kohls Vera Wang $4 and the Bracelet is Candies $4

These 4 or 5 inch (attempt at a sexy shoe)  heels are Maurices $25.

I love all the bobbles and sparkles on this necklace.  You can't really see the sparkles here.

This is my attempt at a funky rocker bracelet.  I think it's really FUN!

Jeans are from Kohls also Candies for $9.

The attempt at sexy  heels was not such a great idea!  
We had freezing rain and snow during our date.
It was however, a great excuse to hold tight to Kirk so that I didn't fall;)
So, I guess they were a good idea!

The movie was good and had lots of jump up and make you scream
out loud moments.  
How was your Weekend?  Do you ever try to look like a Rocker Chick?
Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy


  1. Love the outfit, but what were you thinking wearing open-toed shoes in FEBRUARY!!??? :) Love the necklace. I don't think our Kohls has near as many cute clothes on clearance. Or maybe I'm just not as good as you are at finding them! I really need to check out Maurices, but I'm afraid I won't find too much there either. You go, rocker chick!

  2. I'm totally feeling the rocker vibe. Love those accessories!

  3. You look awesome! And I saw your soda tab bracelets. My sister in law makes those. I love them.

  4. oh my gosh! super cute necklace!!! and I love the shoes!!! (this is Alyssa by the way...your coolest niece ;) )