Thursday, March 22, 2012


It sort of started with this little piece I bought at TJ Maxx.
It was Love at 1st Sight.
3 kids with lots of school papers and 3 places to organize them.
Match made for $30:)

Then I had some Birthday $  sort of burning a hole in my pocket.
I've been trying to find a way to incorporate some COLOR
into my kitchen.

This Rug is PERFECT!  It has the green from my walls and all of the
COLORS that I wanted to incorporate and use to brighten up my kitchen.

Here  is a corner of my kitchen. 
Love this little chair and cheerful pillow I found.
It brightens up the area that leads into our laundry room.
The Thrifted Orange Owl makes me Happy too.

This antique dresser is from my Grandma Jo.
It holds my tablecloths, paper plates, other disposable dishes, and
birthday party decorations.
It doesn't take up very much space and adds lots of storage.

These used to be black.  I used Krylon Orange spray Paint.
Spray Painting is ADDCITING!!  My neighbors must think I'm a crazy paint lady.
I'm always painting things in my lawn;)

This is the kitchen from the angle of the laundry room.
The Krylon Spray Paint also found the 2 frames on my little black shelf;)

If you look above my cabinets you can see that I collect vintage picnic baskets.
I have the one my family used when I was a child.  One that belonged to Kirk's
Grandmother and some that I found at antique stores.

I just LOVE all of the BRIGHT and CHEERFUL Colors.
Just going into the kitchen makes me SMILE:)

Notice the Antique door that Leads to nowhere?
I'm thinking it may need to go in to a different room now.
What do you think?

Another Favorite thing in my Kitchen are the GIGANTIC jars I use
to house my flour and sugars.  They are large enough for
measuring cups and little and big hands.  So NICE!

If you look to the right of our garage door you see INFORMATION CENTRAL.
I like it right by the trash can so that I can immediately
dispose of junk mail and old school papers.

Now that I've done my front porch and kitchen....I just can't help myself!!!

What Colors Inspire you?  What projects are you tackling this spring?

Comments from you Totally Inspire Me:) So Thanks a BUNCH!!

Stay Fashionable! Love,Candy


  1. I absolutely love color too! I'm thinking about painting my pantry door gray or light blue. We're renting and the living room and family room have white walls. There are 5 gallons of the light slate blue under the steps in the basement. I really, really, really want to paint the main level. Maybe over Spring Break! I'm definitely painting the pantry door, maybe tomorrow, you've inspired me!

  2. I love the rug! Very cute! Especially the flowers. :)

  3. I never thought about putting my covered cake plate atop my cupboards! I'm going to try that, I like it! My space up there is really limited but it will get it off my stovetop. I also like the rug-is that the Better Homes & Gardens outdoor one from Walmart? I bought some outdoor cushions last year and am in love with the color. Cute, cheery kitchen! I painted my (oak finish) pantry door black to match my table. The walls are latte and one accent wall is bittersweet/pumpkin. Might need to bring a bureau into my kitchen, too. Hmmm. Good ideas!